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256 Samora Machel Ave., Harare, Zimbabwe
+263 - 4 - 746661, 746905
+263 - 4 - 746937
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00

Mr. Harold Chinogurei

Manifest Contracting

Mr. Christian Matope
Senior Vice President

Release Power

Mr. Tirivangani Muringani
Immediate Past President

Speartec Electrical

Mr. Canada Malunga
Management Committee Member

Masimba Construction

Doubt Mazara
Management Committee Member

Mukute Construction

Ephraim Gwindingwi

E.G. Construction

Emmanuel Chimedza

Essar Tubes & Towers

Godfrey Manhambara

Beta Holdings

Gamaliel Bwanya


Harvey Tsao

Newview Construction

Tawanda Muchineripi

Integrated Construction Projects

Tafadzwa Mputa


Tendekai Mawire

Winstern Precast

Verity Bosha

Evergreen Construction

Zachariah Mukarakate

Multi Force


Martin Chingaira




Other Members


About Us

Cifoz a non-profit contractors's association formed in1915. It has approximately 600 members in a diversity of building, civil engineering and specialist contractor trades.


On 31 October 2008 CIFOZ signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Contrator Development Organizations in Africa and Other Developing Countries of the World.

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African Federation for Construction Contractors Association (AFCCA) was formed in 2006 in Cairo, Egypt for the purpose of creating and developing the professional ties among contractors in the African countries. Defend the legitimate financial and moral rights of the African contractors and seek expansion of the basis of common interests among the members.

Head Office

256 Samora Machel Ave., East
Conquenar House, Eastlea
Harare, Zimbabwe

+263 - 4 - 746661, 746905

+263 - 4 - 746937

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00